World Records - On The Moon?!?

The Earth's moon is approximately one sixth the size of the Earth.  Since gravity is dependent on the mass of objects in the universe, it is a fact that the gravitational force on the moon is about six times less than here on the Earth.  Objects there would have the same mass as on the Earths' surface, but would weigh one sixth as much, and thus fall six times slower.

Your Challenge:  Look up the world records of the following men.  List their record in the English system (that being in feet, inches, etc.). Then re-calculate the record if it was established (hypothetically) on the surface of our moon.  Remember - our moon has no atmosphere and any human doing anything on the surface would have to be protected from cold, heat, or lack of oxygen. Thus, a cumbersome space suit must be worn which would negate any world records set there.

High Jump - Javier Sotomayor (Cuba)

Long Jump - Mike Powell (USA)

Javelin - Jan Železný (Czech Republic)