Marshall M. Mitchell, a middle aged Martian, was mooning at midnight in his moon module, on the Martian moon, Maverick. He noticed his spaceship was sinking into the mushy Maverick marsh and was worried his module would be swallowed up by the marsh's mushrooms and other moldy matter on the surface. The module's mass, with its many contents is [6.2496 x 10 to the 5th power Kg] and the module's volume is [8.4 cubic meters].

The density of the moon's soil is [7.220 x 10 to the 3rd power] Kg per cubic meter.

1. Using the formula, Density = Mass divided by Volume - how much mass must Marshall move from his module to prevent him from sinking further into the moon's soil?

2. What metal is the moon module made of (most likely)?

Additional information which may or may not be useful when solving this challenge: The density of pure water on the earth, at sea level, is 1 g/ml [Read as one gram per ml] at standard temperature and pressure. Standard metric conversions apply, ie., (1,000g = 1kg) (1,000ml = 1 liter) (1 g of water = 1 ml = 1 cubic centimeter), etc.

Remember: It's not cool to be dense about density!