Construction Cost

Calculating construction costs:

Ben and Bertha Brookbridge bought a beaten-down brown brick barn on the corner of Beach and Buckeye Streets in the Boswell business section of Birmingham.  They are debating if they should re-roof the barn with a metal roof or use conventional shingles.  They made a rough sketch of the dimensions so they can make good calculations before they make any material purchases.   Their sketch is below:  [click to make larger]

There are 6 areas of the whole barn that need re-surfaced.  The middle portion of the barn is 44 ft. wide and the side portions are 16 feet wide.  The roof height is 5 feet high in all sections.  Recording side views was necessary because they weren't sure going onto the top of the old roof was safe. The 4 different records are based on the fact that each is a right triangle with a 90 degree angle in the middle height of the sections. Section 1. is 15' x 5' ...  section 2. is 20' x 5' ... section 3. is 14' x 5' ... and section 4. is 18' x 5' ... [** for simplicity round the area of each roof section to a whole number ]

The Challenges:  1. Calculate the entire area of the barn roof. Hint: you will have six sections of the roof to take into consideration.
2.  Metal roofing comes in (100 sq ft) sections, and fractions of sections are not available.  At $180.00 per (100 sq ft), how much will it cost to replace the roof with metal?
3. Shingles are sold in bundles at $38.00 per bundle or per pack and it takes 3 bundles or packs to cover 100 sq ft. of surface area. How much would it cost the Brookbridges to cover the barn roof in shingles?
4. If the metal roof is guaranteed to last twice as long as a shingle roof, which choice is the better bargain?