It is of utmost importance that answers to the challenges cannot be accessed by students (for obvious reasons).  In an effort to limit student access, a link will be sent to teachers where answers to the challenges will be located.

Only emails from school district servers and teacher accounts requesting the "Answer Page Link" will be honored.  This way, we can make an attempt to prevent students from accessing the Answer Page.

For parents or teachers of home-schooled students:  Please scan your driver's license or another creditable form of identification showing your date of birth and photo ID and email it to us.  You may place white tape or other covering over the license number if you wish, (and your address) for privacy.  Absolutely no record of the license will be kept in our servers.  The purpose of the ID is to assure it belongs to an adult and not to a student.

Send all email requests (and scanned ID, if applicable) to